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Team Group

In today's non-stop race for competitive edge, our commitment to excellence translates into a solid team that adapts to the ever-changing requirements of the construction sector through continuous development and training.

Gazzaoui's philosophy revolves around people and their value, a corporate culture of a partnership.
At the core of Gazzaoui Group lays a professional team of over 150 members of different academic backgrounds, work experience and personal qualities whom all strive to best achieve our organizational objectives of rapid growth and customer satisfaction.


Gazzaoui Group places great emphasis on efficiency, responsiveness and initiative. Hence, our corporate structure takes professionalism to the next level such that departments work together seamlessly and effectively to guarantee optimal results in terms of timely delivery, prompt follow-up and smooth operations.

Sales and Business Development

The Sales and Business Development Division caters for products and solutions ranging from basic to most sophisticated requirements for all market segments, offering both high quality and competitive prices.

The Sales and Business Development activities are fulfilled through:
A) Dedicated Sales Teams addressing the needs of:
  • Electrical Contractors in close coordination with Consultants
  • Mechanical Contractors in close coordination with Consultants
  • Retailers representing a 220 distributors’ network all around the Lebanon

Each sales team is fully supported by Application Support Engineers and After Sales Service Technicians all uniting to add value to our offering in terms of responsiveness, quality assurance and consequently customer satisfaction.

B) Professional Product Management entities specialized in:
  • Electrical Installations & Accessories
  • Power & Control
  • Mechanical / Pumps
  • Smart Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Lighting Solutions

C) Group Support Functions
Ensure the promised quality of service, the Group's backbone is further supported by the following departments:

Finance & Accounting
Committed to providing customers and fellow employees with timely, consistent and impartial financial services.

Marketing Communications
Team creates marketing strategies for each product and service through selecting the most appropriate mix of advertising, promotion, training seminars and product launches.

Warehousing & Distribution
Ensure efficient logistics, optimal costs and timely supply. By having the right inventory levels at the right time and with the support of skilled team and modern fleet and equipment we guarantee high availability and prompt delivery.

Imports & Export Communications
Follow up with a network of over 75 suppliers all over the world and handles logistics functions in a way that guarantees cost efficient, accurate and timely availability of goods.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Utilizing the latest technologies and systems to provide essential information back-up and in-depth reports as well as support fellow employees.

Human Resources Unit
Committed to engaging and motivating people within the organization. Its main function is to develop human resources strategies, policies and procedures, reward systems, and talent management while managing all ‎personnel related plans and processes.
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