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Liban Cables

Liban Cables specializes in the manufacturing of high quality power and communication cables. Founded in 1967 by a group of Lebanese professionals with the technical support of two leading international companies, Les Cables de Lyon – France (which later became Alcatel and is now known as Nexans) and Phelps Dodges – USA, Liban Cables is today the largest cable supplier of the Lebanese market with significant export activities in Asia, Europe and Africa.

The company produces over 25,000 tons of cables per year and provides a wide range of communication, power and special cables which are all in accordance with international specifications. Communication cables such as telephone cables are available in both copper and optical fiber. Power cables include products such as building wires, insulated cables of low, medium and high voltages up to 245 volts and overhead cables made of bare copper and aluminum as well as insulated bundled conductors. Special cables consist of flexible cables and others such as data, lift, welding, traffic control and irrigation cables


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