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MESC Specialized Cables

MESC is considered the leading manufacturer and supplier of all type of cables to EPC contractor
for mega projects in the Middle East and North Africa.
Middle East Specialized Cable Co. (MESC) was founded as a privately owned in Riyadh in 1993
to cater the growing industry of specialized cables in the region. It started rolling its machines
in 1994 and selling in 1995. After consolidating its presence in KSA as the market leader, MESC
succeeded in penetrating other market in GCC, Middle East, North Africa, Europe and USA. In
2007 it became a joint stock company and its shares floated on Saudi Stock market.
Over the years, MESC has expanded its production to cover all types and ranges of cables by
acquiring existing companies, establishing new companies and joint ventures. Its products
range includes the Industrial, Instrumentation and process Control Cable, Special Cable (BMS),
Low Voltage Power cables, Medium Voltage Power cables, Overhead lines, Offshore Cables,
Railway Signaling and power cables and any types of customized cables manufactured as per
the customers’ needs and specifications.
MESC plants, located respectively in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE consist of ultra-modern
facilities, high tech machinery and well- equipped laboratories, built for conducting various
routing and type tests.


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